Hi there! I'm Jenny, the maker and designer behind Wanded Knit and Crochet. This is a one-woman show over here, supervised by two little boys who are often my models!

My grandmother attempted to teach me how to knit and crochet way back in the day, but I could never get past a scarf and was constantly adding/ subtracting stitches.. oops. I eventually taught myself how to crochet, mainly to make amigurumi, but I wanted that other skill: KNITTING. I vowed to learn before my firstborn turned 3, and I almost made it! I've been knitting since mid-February 2019! Then I couldn't stop. It felt so amazing to be creating again - something I felt I was meant to do. One of the first things I knit was a sweater for my little boy!

I re-opened my little Etsy shop, which had been a completely different focus in 2012. With support from friends, I focused on knits, and started writing patterns. My first ever pattern was released on November 17th, 2019. A year later, I created my first website, but now I'm migrating over to a more permanent one!

If I'm not knitting, you'll find me wrestling our two little boys, or my nose buried in a book.