Knit Picks High Desert Yarn

Knit Picks High Desert Yarn

Blog post from April 2021 introducing High Desert Yarn from Knit Picks!


I am beyond excited to tell you about this new yarn from Knit Picks! High Desert is a 100% American-grown and spun wool yarn with incredible texture and bounce. It is available exclusively through Knit Picks website in two weights: worsted and sport. I have three colors shown here, but it comes in 12 gorgeous earthy tones.

In partnership with Knit Picks, I have also designed a new set of patterns to show off the beauty of this yarn. I chose the worsted weight. Each skein is 100 grams/ 217 yards. The ply of High Desert is very springy and bouncy, making it perfect to use for this pattern full of twisted stitches. Even with all of these twists, the design remains stretchy because of the characteristics of this yarn. After blocking to relax the stitches, it becomes luxuriously soft and comfortable to wear.



I can't speak for what the sport weight feels like, but the worsted weight yarn is very soft with a lot of spring to it. It is 3-plied with a tight twist and did not split when I was casting on or knitting. Such a plus! I don't know about you, but when I try new yarns, I always cake them to see how they feel and also to check for knots. I have used 3 skeins and have found just one knot. All in all, this is definitely something I'd work with again. The colors are so beautifully complimentary as well so it really takes the guesswork out of pairing them together!

Until next time my friends! Keep creating!
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